The Freedoms of a Single Payer Health Program

Freedoms for Americans

1. Freedom of life

  • Show respect for life by ending the premature illnesses, disabilities, and deaths caused by a lack of access to health care - delay or prevent strokes, amputations, heart attacks, and kidney failure.
  • No more sacrificing the ability to work and the value of human dignity.

2. Freedom to choose

  • Where and how to get your health care should be your own personal decision, not an insurance company's - no lists of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Everybody in, nobody out.

3. Freedom of opportunity

  • Work for a small business, a large business, or start your own business without worrying about losing your health insurance.
  • No need to avoid paid work to qualify for public health insurance - returning to work would not cause you to lose coverage.

4. Freedom from medical bankruptcy, and from the fear thereof

  • Illness will no longer mean bankruptcy from unpaid medical bills.

5. Freedom from anxiety due to the cost of getting treatment

  • No more worrying about what might be wrong while you get sicker and risk disability or death.

Freedoms for American businesses

6. Freedom to conduct the business of business

  • Managing health insurance benefits is complex and drains resources, diverting a company from its primary mission - running globally competitive businesses.

7. Freedom to hire the best employees

  • Experienced and talented employees who are medically challenged won't be sacrificed or overlooked due to employer-paid health care costs.

8. Freedom of religion and conscience

  • An employer's religion will not affect employees' health insurance choices.

9. Freedom to be world-class entrepreneurs

  • Americans can follow their dreams and start new businesses without losing access to health care.

10. Freedom for America to regain its status as a world leader

  • Savings from single payer can rebuild the world’s best infrastructure: the best schools, the best roads and bridges, the fastest trains, the cleanest energy, the best phone and internet networks, and the strongest national defense.

Freedoms for American doctors

11. Freedom to practice medicine according to personal wisdom and experience

  • Follow evidence-based best practice for patients, rather than being pressured by the profit-driven goals of dozens of insurance companies.

12. Freedom to choose an independent medical practice.

  • No pressure to become an employee of a hospital or other entity because of difficulties and delays in getting paid.

13. Freedom from malpractice liability for 'future medical expenses'.

  • Saves more in malpractice costs than any measure of tort reform.