Physicians for a National Health Program
- Missouri Chapter

Resolution to Support U.S. House Resolution 676

We, as physicians and other health care providers, believe all people deserve access to high-quality health care and that this can only be accomplished through a single-payer system of national health insurance.  As taxpayers, we support a system that spends our money on patient care, not administrative waste.

We recognize the following defects in our current health care system:

  1. Tens of millions of working Americans lack any health insurance.
  2. Millions more are under-insured, and their illnesses often cause financial ruin.
  3. Medical bankruptcy, premature disability, and death destroy productive lives.
  4. The current system often penalizes the sick and discourages timely care.
  5. Private insurers limit choice, disrupt continuity of care, and fail to contain costs.
  6. Doctors, hospitals, and other caregivers bear excessive malpractice costs.
  7. Providers of care incur high billing costs by contracting with private insurers.
  8. Patients are often forced to switch doctors and care settings.
  9. Private insurers actually increase the cost of care, rather than making it more affordable.

The savings from converting to a single-payer system, while retaining a competitive care delivery system, would be enough to cover the uninsured and improve coverage for all.

“The Improved and Expanded Medicare for All Act”, HR 676, frees businesses from the burden of privately funding their employees’ health care. HR 676 assures patients the freedom to choose their doctors, allows physicians the freedom to choose their practice settings, and protects the doctor-patient relationship.

Therefore, we support the Missouri Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program in its efforts to advocate for single-payer health care reform.

Sign the Resolution

Please join the many dedicated physicians and other health care professionals calling for national single payer health care as embodied by HR676! Signing your name indicates your permission for PNHP to include you on the public list of supporters.